About Me

  • A resident of Luxembourg for over 35 Years
  • Educated in the luxembourgish school system
  • Degree in Development for Sustainability in Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, UK
  • Fluent in many languages including Tamil,  Luxembourgish,  French, German and English
  • Loyal towards her family & like-minded & free-spirited friends
  • A Luxembourg brought up enlightened Desi 

…. with more routes and less roots!


Let’s give back by,

  • improving our Eco-Footprint
  • improving & offsetting our Carbon-Footprint

with a Zen’d level of spices like,

  1. a heaped table spoon of tolerance,
  2. a big fork of faith,
  3. a sizzling slice of patience
  4. a spicy splash of Tinkerbell mojo
… the way to Gross Domestic Happiness!

More About… ‘Me’

Assimilated into the family business from day one of her career life, giving a good insight on BPO within the SMES spectrum
Interested in unravelling the Paradox of  GDP vs GNI vs GDH vs Environmental friendly lifestyles and terminologies
Keeps entering into new non/ profitable ventures that ignites her spark and ZENERGISEs that Soulfood
Connected to the Communities that give her a sense of belonging and purpose
Hates Landfill, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution ( created by Humans )
Considers money secondary, a peace of mind ‘first’, with a clear conscience
Feels there is so much to do, embrace & explore, yet so less time  to dwell  & digest with her 5 senses

My Vision

‘Self-Sustaining Townships and Smart Cities’ with good practices’

‘the Utopian in me’

My Pledge

I enter this journey with a zenergised dedication to tasks that grounds me on earthly scented soil, connects me with me, while working on projects that supports UN’s SG17 with you

-Utopian SwaNa (the idealist)

My Passion

Trekking, body-combat, yoga, music, mountains, wild-life, plants, river stream and unravelling paradoxes 😉


My faith is strong that joining forces only helps make a bigger impact. Feel free to contact me by using the mail box here


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