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Christophe's City Mag

Published on Feb 27, 2012

The March edition of City Magazine Luxembourg, the official publication of the Ville de Luxembourg.

Featured on Page 24-25


Delano Digital Magazine

Published on Oct 2, 2012
The luxembourgish Royal Wedding does bring Communities together! The expat communities in Luxembourg rejoice by sharing their views,

Featured on Page 17


Je peux voter... ( I can vote...)

2012 Luxembourg Elections -Asti/ Olai’s campaigning initiatives to motivate the expat communities in Luxembourg to vote and allow them to understand that their vote has an impact on political decision-making.


Luxembourg joins hands with India

Cultural Centre, in Capellen, for the LUX-INDIA 2014, an event aimed at informing adoptive parents, and adoptees, on the benefits they can enjoy if they are of Indian origin

L'Inde se présentait à Lintgen

An Indian evening initiated by the ‘Commission Consultative d’Integration’ of the Lintgen Municipality with the support of the former HCG for India to Luxmb Mr MD Venkataraman, coordinated by Kanchini V with the Indian Community.

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